The safety and efficacy of TIL cell therapy are under investigation and have not been established.
There are no guarantees that TIL cell therapies will receive US FDA approval for the uses being investigated.

How Are TIL Being Investigated?

Investigational TIL cell therapy involves isolating and expanding a patient’s TIL and reinfusing billions of these TIL back into the patient1,2


Investigational TIL cell therapy is being studied in clinical trials in 3 steps:

Tumor microenvironment

Step 1: Preparative Regimen

The patient receives non-myeloablative lymphodepletion to reduce the suppressive environment.1,2

Tumor microenvironment

Step 2: TIL Infusion

Patients receive investigational TIL cell therapy.2

Tumor microenvironment

Step 3: IL-2 Infusion

A short course of IL-2 is administered to support T-cell activity.2

Tumor microenvironment

TIL cell therapy is being investigated in patients with various types of solid tumors.2

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Tumor microenvironment

FDA=Food and Drug Administration; IL-2=interleukin-2; MHC-1=major histocompatibility complex-1; TIL=tumor infiltrating lymphocytes.

References: 1. Sarnaik AA, Hamid O, Khushalani NI, et al. Lifileucel, a tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy, in metastatic melanoma. J Clin Oncol. 2021;39(24):2656-2666. 2. Wardell S, Lienlaf-Moreno M, Blaskovich M, et al. Iovance Gen 2 TIL manufacturing process produces drug products that exhibit favorable quality attributes for adoptive cell transfer across 5 solid tumor indications. Poster P226 presented at: SITC Annual Meeting; November 6-10, 2019; National Harbor, MD.

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